Monday, July 18, 2016

Role of Women in India's Food Supply Chains

In most parts of the World, women comprise bulk of the workforce in the agriculture sector. In addition to taking care of their children, they are engaged in labor-intensive household activities such as collecting wood for fuel, water for cooking, cleaning and drinking. Women farmers often have smaller land holdings, lack access to farm inputs, extension services and real-time information.

Experts are of the opinion that if women were to have the same level of access to resources that are available to men, then they could increase their farm productivity by nearly 20-30 percent which in turn could increase farm output by 2.5-40 percent.

Food supply chains in India, employ women in large numbers and often times they serve as the last-mile agents for retail of fresh produce. Harsh working conditions, lack of access to hygiene and sanitation facilities and irregular incomes are some of the challenges faced by these gallant and indefatigable women.

Thank you ALL for nourishing India

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