Thursday, May 1, 2014

SIGO Solutions - Grameen Kalyan Kendra

This trip prodded me to seek a long lasting solution that would allow farmers’ to clean, sort and grade their fresh produce at a facility nearby their villages. The solution lies in the creation of rural subsistence marketplaces or “Grameen Kalyan Kendras” located among a cluster of villages.

Grameen Kalyan Kendra (Village Development Center) is a procurement platform designed to serve as rural hub for commerce, and facilitate new business opportunities for individual farmers at a village cluster level. These procurement platforms will have ample covered space for farmers to showcase their harvest and produce to traders and wholesalers, and negotiate mutually-beneficial business transactions. These Kendras may serve the ancillary needs of the village and local administration as venue for social events like marriages, medical check-up and vaccination camps, as well as relief distribution centers during natural disasters.

Each facility can be equipped with electricity connection, overhead water tanks, wash bins, electronic weighing machines and dedicated loading bays for small trucks. Proper drainage, overhead street lights and paved roads will add further utility to these Kendras. Grameen Kalyan Kendra can be equipped with a laptop computer and internet connection (via cell phone) to help farmers with timely and accurate information about rainfall and drought conditions; the potential impact of these conditions on their crops and what they can do about it.

At SIGO, we appreciate the potential for commerce in rural India and recognize the urgent need for Grameen Kalyan Kendra at a village level. SIGO is committed to delivering a cost-effective, low-maintenance and high utility Grameen Kalyan Kendras. Our team of experienced engineers and professionals has the knowledge and expertise required in designing and constructing cost-effective Kendra.

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